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We are brand based in Poland and founded by Michał Ostaszewski who specialized in astrophotography. Word "Cosmonity" which is a merge of words "cosmos" and "infinity" is registered trademark in European Union Intellectual Property Office and brand is reserved.

The fascination about the cosmos and the desire to answer questions about what is there have been with me since such an early childhood that I am not even able to remember a specific moment when I first became interested in it. One of the key aspects of this interest quickly became the beauty that can be found in objects on the night sky - this is how my many years of exploring the secrets of astrophotography began. At the beginning of 2021 I started realizing one of my astrophotographic dreams of a big photo of our Milky Way galaxy for which I spent 3 weeks in the Namibian desert. Part of this project was to create a brand sharing the beauty hidden in universe and science. This is how Cosmonity was created. - Michał Ostaszewski, founder of Cosmonity

We manufacture our prints in our own printing studio. Each ordered print is custom printed and packed for you. That's why we can guarantee you the best possible quality - because each print is made by the people who really care about each unique piece of print.

We use only 12 color inkjet cutting edge printing technique which guarantees the most accurate color reproduction with resolution of the print up to 2400 dpi. We use Canon Image Pro 4100 Printer with Lucia Pro waterbased inks. These inks are eco and health friendly and also provide up to 100 of years durability of our print without any change in colors.

We only use high quality papers and canvases brand Solution, Hahnemühle and Canon.

Printed on the highest quality archival 290gsm paper with noble structure. Print is prepared with the best attention to details and cut with white Passe-Partout (white borders around print) and certified with a dry stamp. This is not the normal print, this is the experience of beauty hidden in the science behind understanding the laws of the Universe

Some of the Fine Art Prints are available with signed and numbered by Author editions. Printed on the highest quality archival 290gsm paper with noble structure. Print is prepared with the best attention to details and cut with white Passe-Partout (white borders around print) and certified with a dry stamp. These print copies are treat like an art and has collector's value.

High-quality poster printed with the same technology as Signed Fine Art. The biggest difference between Fine Art and Poster is the paper which is thinner - 240gsm and causes more flares. Posters have a digital printed logo, title and details of the image. They are cut without Passe-Partout (white borders).

You probably won’t believe but the answer is because the Universe is expanding. The full explanation of this problem is known as Olbers’ paradox or dark night sky paradox. 

The more detailed explanation says that the darkness of the night sky conflicts with the assumption of an infinite and eternal static u. In the hypothetical case that the universe is static, homogeneous at a large scale, and populated by an infinite number of stars, any line of sight from Earth must end at the surface of a star, and hence the night sky should be completely illuminated and very bright. This contradicts the observed darkness and non-uniformity of the night.

The darkness of the night sky is one of the pieces of evidence for a dynamic universe, such as the Big Bang model. That model explains the observed non-uniformity of brightness by invoking spacetime's expansion, which lengthens the light originating from the Big Bang to microwave levels via a process known as redshift; this microwave radiation background has wavelengths much longer than those of visible light, and so appears dark to the naked eye. Other explanations for the paradox have been offered, but none have wide acceptance in cosmology. 

FAQ - Orders

No, the prints are shipped as rolled paper sheets in a protective tube. Currently, there are many possibilities for framing such a print on the market, so I leave it to you and you can find the perfect solution for your interior.

Time needed to manufacture prints is up to 3 business days. These times are approximated and do not include transport time, which may vary depending on the place of delivery. We are based in Poland. Delivery time within Poland should take less than 48h, in Europe and North America up to 10 days, and even up to 3 weeks for the rest of the World. We do our best to deliver your print as fast as possible, but always if you have questions you can reach us via email contact@cosmonity.com

• 50 PLN (~10,9 EUR) DHL Courier - 5-7 days delivery time
• 65 PLN (~ 13,9 EUR) GLS Courier - 5-7 days delivery time
• 120 PLN (~ 26 EUR) DHL Express by Air Courier - 2-4 days delivery time

50 PLN (~11,5 USD, ~15,5 CAD) Fedex Courier - 5 - 7 days delivery time

Rest of the world:
80 PLN (~ 17,9 EUR) Fedex Courier - delivery time depends on destination- 7-10 days delivery time

PLN - Polish Złoty, polish currency, primary currency of the store
1 EUR=~ 4,7 PLN
1 USD=~ 4,4 PLN
1 CAD=~ 3,2 PLN
1 GBP=~ 5,3 PLN

Using payment with PayPal or card(stripe) price will be automatically converted to your currency with the best possible exchange rate.

All prints are manufactured in, and shipped from Poland. All parcels are insured and we provide free replacement in case of damaging the print in shipping.

You can use messenger chat on our website, email contact@cosmonity.com or our Instagram (there is probably the fastest way to contact us).

You'll receive a shipping confirmation and tracking link to your email once your order is fulfilled. Simply click on your tracking link in the email to view the up to date tracking information. If you're having trouble tracking your parcel, please contact us via email contact@cosmonity.com

Domestic(in Poland) and European Union orders are is free of sales tax.

International Shipping beyond European Union

If you’re ordering from some country other than the European Union, there might be some import duties you might have to pay. COSMONITY is not responsible for reporting or paying any exclusive or international taxes. All prices on the website, as well as the total cost of your order, do not include any sales tax or customs duties. 

The customer is fully responsible for any taxes and duties they might need to pay. Should any local taxes or duties apply to the parcel, the customer will need to pay them to release the package from customs. Once the order is shipped, all duties and taxes become non-refundable. And if the customer returns any items, COSMONITY does not refund any associated taxes and duties.

Once you have added the products to your cart, you can proceed to Checkout and easily paste the code to the “Gift card or discount code” field - this step is shown on the last step at placing an order (cart- contact information - shipping - checkout HERE YOU CAN USE YOUR CODE) Then, click the Apply button to redeem your discount. On the mobile version of the store place for the discount code, is hidden under the price at the top of the page at the "contact information" and "shipping" steps. If you have trouble with using your code, please contact us - contact@cosmonity.com 

If your promotion code does not work, please check the following:

• Have you typed the code correctly? Ensure that the code is exactly as displayed, using uppercase, lowercase or numbers. 

• Has the promotion expired?
 Check the promotion code terms and conditions to ensure the code has not passed its expiration date. 

• Are the product(s) you selected valid?
 Check that the product(s) in your cart are valid for the terms and conditions of the promotional code. 

If you are experiencing any other problems, please contact us.

You can change the shipping address if the order wasn’t shipped yet. Also, COSMONITY will accept some modifications related to your order if you place the request within (the time of fulfillment the order - in most cases 24 hours after you’ve placed the order). 

To request any available modifications, please contact us as fast as it possible at contact@cosmonity.com

Once you’ve placed your order, we receive it immediately to minimize the manufacturing time. COSMONITY will cancel the order free of charge if the customer requests the cancellation within 24 hours after they’ve placed the order. To cancel the order, please contact us at contact@cosmonity.com

We can’t guarantee a successful free cancellation for orders that are placed on a weekend. If you succeed to cancel the order within 24 hours after its placement, you will not be charged. If the costs were already lifted from your credit card, we will fully refund the purchase price.

We always try to keep you updated on the status of your order so we will send you an email, confirming your order has been received, despatched or returned, or if we need to update you on items in your order at all.

Please check your spam box first, if you still cannot find this please email us at contact@cosmonity.com and we will give you all the information you need.

We are pleased to say nearly all our parcels arrive safely and on time, however there are a few occasions where this isn’t the case. If this happens, please don’t worry, simply contact us to contact@cosmonity.com

FAQ - Returns and Exchanges

Of course! Not everything you order turns out to match your expectations or simply does not fit to your interior. This is why we make it as easy as possible for you to return your items:

You have 14 days to return an item from the date you received it. Ensure that prints are in perfect conditions we will not accept returns on prints that has been damaged by a customer. The items must be returned in the original packaging with all the tags intact.

Please read our Return and Refund Policy for more information.

Once your returned item is received and inspected, you will be notified via email. You will also be informed about the approval or rejection of your refund request. 

Please note, if the returned item is:

used not in resalable condition not in the original packaging with all the tags and labels intact

we will be forced to reject your request asking you to cover the shipping to return back the parcel to you.

If approved, the refund request will be processed within 5 - 7 working days after approval. If you haven’t received a refund yet, please contact us at contact@cosmonity.com