Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way
Sky Map - Milky Way

Sky Map - Milky Way

Scientifically precise and designed exclusively in our studio Sky Map based on the latest astronomical data, with a focus on our galaxy, the Milky Way. This is ideal print for stylishly decorating your wall and expanding your knowledge about the Universe every day.
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During the night, far away from the city lights, we can spot the visible band of the brightest areas on the sky. This band is created from the stars that cannot be individually distinguished by the naked eye. This is our Galaxy, the Milky Way. The term is a translation of the Latin via lactea, from the Greek galaktikos kýklos meaning "milky circle". From Earth, the Milky Way appears as a band because its disk-shaped structure is viewed from within. Thanks to the fact that we are inside the galactic disk, we can see individual structures of the galaxy that embraces the whole sky. 

We present to you a unique map of the sky focused on our Galaxy Milky Way. This map is based on the most accurate and latest astronomical data and observations which allows to reproduce a very clear view of our galaxy and dark nebulae in the galaxy disk. This map shows the almost entire sky in plate carrée projection in the galactic coordinates with the described constellations, almost 300 of the brightest stars, many globular and open clusters from Messier, NGC and IC catalogs. Additionally, map is supplemented with many infographics and characteristics about the anatomy of our Galaxy, Local Group or supermassive black hole Sgr A*.

This is a beautiful piece of science and art merged into top-quality print which can fulfill the wall of your interior. 

Sky Map has all descriptions in English language. 

This print is not available in "canvas" variant as it contains a lot of small detailed subtitles (names of the stars, star clusters and nebulae etc.) which can be not visible on canvas due to its structure. 

For the best experience and readability we recommend size at least 160x90cm.

This poster was designed by Michał Ostaszewski(founder of Cosmonity), and it is exclusively available on

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Mapa Nieba - Droga Mleczna

Wydruk dobrej jakości, wszystko jak w opisie

Excellent Work!

The picture arrived very quickly and very well packed here in Germany! The print is very good and the paper feels very high quality, which gives the whole a special look.

Can be recommended without any problems :^)

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