Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273

Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273

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Two misshapen spiral galaxies combine to form a beautiful celestial flower in this Hubble image taken with the Wide Field Camera 3. Known as Arp 273, the pair is among hundreds of "peculiar" galaxies catalogued by astronomer Halton Arp in the 1960s. The gravitational attraction between these two galaxies has created their physical distortions.

The outermost arm of the larger spiral appears to have been pulled into a wide ring around the galaxy — a characteristic astronomers often see in galaxy pairs where one galaxy has passed through the other. The ring around this galaxy is off-center, though. This suggests the smaller galaxy plunged through the larger one, but that its kamikaze dive was not a direct hit.

The interactions between the galaxies appear to have set off a stellar baby boom. In the larger galaxy, a flurry of new star birth recently erupted along the outer spiral arms, where bright, blue clusters of young stars now sparkle. The smaller galaxy's star formation, on the other hand, seems concentrated in its bright core.

Like the galaxies of Arp 273, most galaxies do not live in isolation. Their encounters with each other are an influential part of the growing-up process for galaxies. By observing how galaxies are affected by their gravitational exchanges, astronomers can better understand how galaxies developed and how the universe evolved.

These galaxies are located 350 million light years away from us, in the Andromeda constellation.

  • Excellent print quality with the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro4100 12 color inkjet printer for maximum sharpness and color reproduction quality,
  • High UV resistance and long color fastness,
  • Professional Solution photo paper that guarantees high-contrast images and deep blacks and provides excellent tone transitions. You can choose between smooth satin paper weighing 240 g/m2 (Poster) and matte, microporous paper weighing 290 g/m2 (Fine Art),
  • Canvas prints are printed on 360 g/m2 on cotton-synthetic canvas, to the delivery destinations to Europe we send to you a framed canvas on wooden frame - ready for exhibit on your wall. For orders beyond Europe, we ship canvas prints as a rolled canvas in a transport tube(need additional framing).
  • Environmentally friendly product – we use water-based inks from LUCIA PRO,
  • Delivery of the prints (Fine Art and Poster prints) in a reusable, safe cardboard tube as rolled paper sheets. At every stage of the development of our products, we strive to remain environmentally conscious, by using as little plastic as possible and minimizing the amount of waste generated.

Image Credits: NASA, ESA

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Beata Rusinek
Peculiar Galaxies - Arp 273 - 30x40 cm / Poster

Great service, fast delivery, top quality product. Wonderful reproduction of details and colors. I would highly recommend

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